Apple & Berry Chia Juice

After what has felt like a very long winter, it is finally spring here in Australia! And for the first time ever, Melbourne weather is in line with its season! These early warm weathers is a pretty good indication of a very hot summer approaching. With such warm weathers ahead and unfortunately no air-con in my home, looking for different ways to keep cool has become a must. Once of my favourite ways to do this is ofcourse a delicious chilled summer drink! For this reason, my Apple and Berry Chia juice was such a hit with the family. Not only is it super delicious and cooling, but it also has loads of health benefits.

Chia juice

Ever since jumping on the Chia seed wagon recently, I am constantly trying to find new ways to include it in my diet. Chia seeds are named a super food for a reason: It has loads of omega-3 fatty acids, in fact more than salmon! It has more calcium than milk, loads of fiber, great for hydration and the list goes on and on! The most interesting thing I found about chia seeds is the thick gelatine like consistency it becomes when left in water. It can actually absorb up to 12 times its own weight in water hence why it is such a great hydration source. Now I could go on for ages about the health benefits of this tiny seed but I’m sure this post would be super long so lets get to the delicious recipe shall we!

chia juice

Apple & Berry Chia Juice


  • 4 teaspoons black chia seeds
  • 3/4 cup luke warm water
  • 3 cups Charlie’s raspberry and apple juice (you can use any natural juice of your choice)
  • 1/2 cup blueberries
  • 4-5 strawberries, sliced

chia juice


  • In a small bowl, add the chia seeds and enough water to just cover them. Stir them and let them rest for a couple of minutes or until they have soaked all the water.
  • Gradually keep adding the water a little at a time ensuring the chia seeds have soaked the water each time. Adding the water little by little will prevent the chia seeds forming lumps.
  • Let the seeds soak the water for an hour or so in the fridge or leave them in the fridge overnight so they thicken up completely.
  • Once the chia seeds have become a thick jelly consistency, in a 1 litre jug add the chia seeds, berries and then the juice.
  • You can also freeze the blueberries before adding them in so they act as ice but do not water the juice down.
  • Stir the drink so the chia seeds distribute throughout the juice


chia drink


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